VR and AR Applications

What is VR?

VR is the latest buzzword in the technological industry of late. Google searching “Virtual meaning” would result “almost or nearly as described” and “not physically existing”. Hence, we can for now assume VR to be Almost reality or reality which is not physically existing. This is accomplished by sophisticated software running on compatible devices. Successfully deceiving one of your senses to accept something non-existing is the motive of VR in short. 3 dimensional images are also one of the forms of VR, which have been used by architects and machine designers for decades now.

How does VR work and how is it useful?
VR content is created for your project by Archimaze and provides you with the information about how you could access. Once the content information is provided, one needs to use a VR device like Gear VR (compatible with Samsung smart phones) or any other devices powered by Oculus or Google cardboard. The content appears in front of you similar to what you would experience if you had been physically in the location. With the turn of your head, you will be able to view the content present in the direction of your head. This is the closest depiction one can have about any future projects. This is highly recommended for the customer reviews and understanding by the team.

VR usage in Architecture
VR is the best-suited technology in the current day for architects to validate and explain the design. An architect could use it to validate his own designs and at the same time use this to help customers understand his design. This is definitely one of the more powerful tools available to explain the design nuances to people responsible for implementation like the contractors and site engineers. Archimaze is one of the early movers in using the technology and has been fortunate to use this in real time projects. Archimaze is already a pioneer in 3D rendering and virtual walkthroughs. Using its vast and rich experience along with the latest cutting edge technology of VR, Archimaze becomes one of the default choices for renowned architects in Middle East. A synonym of quality of service and customer satisfaction, Archimaze is an ideal partner for all the designers and architects in Middle East, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. With the best in class pricing and vast experience, Archimaze is confident to deliver beyond your expectations. Hence, look no further and explore our works so far or contact us for a free quote.

glocal VR sample

Below is a VR View. Click and drag to explore, or make it full screen. If you’re on a VR-compatible browser and device you’ll see a little CARDBOARD icon that flips it into stereoscopic mode.

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We develop Immersive VR apps for Architects and Engineers which are compatible with most of the VR headsets. 3D visual content for Augmented reality / AR markers, for architectural, fashion and educational apps. Virtual museums for Medical, training, and healthcare. Architectural VR cubic image rendered in our studio for a Real estate developer, the image can be viewed using IRIS VR viewer app.

we have the expertise to render VR walk through animation video, which can be viewed from you tube using cardboard app. for further information please mail us at info@archimaze.com and we will get back.

A brief about the technology Virtual Reality (VR) It is an immersive media simulated by computer which creates an environment that replicates physical or imaginary world. In short, it is a future ready technology which utilizes our senses to create a world different from real using gadgets like VR headset.

VR Gadgets Gadgets have become inseparable part of our life. VR is a future ready technology which is attracting lot of development and buzz. Here are some VR devices which will surely prove to be show stopper soon.


Google Cardboard
Cardboard + your device = google cardboard.


This is basic device which introduces us to the world of virtual reality with our smart phones.
It is available at very nominal cost and if you really want to get a sneak peak to virtual reality you should buy one.

Oculus Rift This is an upcoming device which is up for pre-order sale. It has vast applications from day to day use to professional use. With its built-in display, user can feel the detailing and depth of Virtual world. Additional to that it has full support for various devices Both official and unofficial, which be used to explore the full potential Of this headset.

HTC Stream VR This is a device similar to oculus rift, announced at game’s developer Conference 2015 by HTC. A recent development added front facing camera In this device. It creates a blend of real world into virtual.

Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented Reality is the latest buzzword in the world of technology. It has not created a buzz without a reason. Augmenting a real world character in a static media is a very good example of AR. Archimaze has always believed in making use of technology in real life. AR is the latest capability that Archimaze has developed and we wish to provide a bunch of services using augmented reality technology.


Spending too much on setting up a model flat? how about displaying this using a tab? Archimaze, pioneers in 3D rendering is all set to bring about a disruptive change in the way you could let your potential customers experience the spaces. Archimaze has built an in-house capability to use an AR aura and an app on the tablet to ensure that the spaces are brought to life. The experience of the space on an AR is almost real but at almost a hundredth of the actual cost of setting up a model flat or a villa. If this sounds like an interesting proposition, please contact us @ archimaze3d@gmail.com

First to start augmented reality markers in India
Occasion invites: For once stop searching for latest trends in invitations be it for your wedding or for your kid’s naming ceremony or for your all new lovely house’s house warming ceremony and look beyond latest trends and be the trendsetter. The future of invitations is here. Use Augmented reality to send out invitations to your near and dear ones on this special occasion. For the first time in India, Archimaze, a pioneer in artistic creations and renderings, is using AR technology to bring invitations to life. Using AR, we provide you an ability to turn an ordinary wedding invitation into any of the following:

  • 3-d graphics
  • Text effects
  • 2-d animation
  • Video effects
  • Full fledged customization to ensure you are inviting

Visiting Cards: Have you ever thought of your visiting cards talking to your customer? If you are thinking this can happen only in a sci-fi movie, then Archimaze, a pioneer in artistic creations and renderings, is capable of placing your visiting card in a sci-fi movie. As part of this, a normal looking visiting card when viewed using a smartphone can reveal a whole lot of information about yourself and your company. This technology will be very handy to improve your brand recall factor.

Looking for the latest designs in visiting cards, how would you like to print your visiting card that can narrate a story about your organisation using a video or an audio clip? Surprised to hear a video or audio being played on a visiting card and interested to know more about it, contact us at 0091 9959424700.

Gifts: Is your loved ones birthday fast approaching or is it the time of the year when you are breaking your head for the perfect gift for your partner? How would you love to present the gift of the future? How would like a picture on the t-shirt or a tea mug when viewed using an app on your smartphone brings all the memories of you and your friends as a video or a 3-d animation. If you want to surprise your loved ones with a never-seen-before gift, think no further and reach out to Archimaze.