Archimaze partners with SAP Co-innovation Lab

  • We bring you the key points from the event from the event held in Dubai
  • The event was held on the 8th -12th of October.
  • Virtual Reality and its digital sibling Augmented Reality, is emerging from science fiction into the real world and will soon change everything from shopping to entertainment to healthcare. Future uses may even transform our very definition of reality
  • The Projects were demonstrated on Samsung Gear VR.

Business software vendor SAP has revealed it is supporting WASL Asset Management Group’s new blockchain technology, which will provide faster, easier and more trusted real estate processes that will transform the sector.

The “Live Real Estate on Blockchain” concept has been developed in partnership between WASL and the Co-Innovation Lab at SAP.

According to the two companies, Live Real Estate on Blockchain connects tenants, service contractors, and property building managers on the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system, with the potential to add additional public and private sector players.

Live Real Estate on Blockchain can connect with the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning. The concept is custom-built for the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Apple iOS.

There were two projects Presented by SAP Co-innovation labs

  1. Breaking Ground: New-Age Digital Hospitality Platform     

A GITEX project by SAP Co-Innovation Lab in conjunction with SAP UAE and Spectrum LLC. 

  1. Virtual Building Management

   A GITEX project by SAP Co-Innovation Lab in conjunction with SAP UAE and WASL.

We now bring you the key points from both the projects demonstrated at GITEX 2017

  1. Breaking Ground: New-Age Digital Hospitality Platform

    A GITEX project by SAP Co-Innovation Lab in conjunction with SAP UAE and Spectrum LLC.

The main objective of this Project is to give the Tourist(user) complete personal freedom to choose from planning the journey to tourist offerings to providing an environment for business travelers to work in with ease, Dubai also aims to top the list of innovations in the hospitality industry that could provide users a seamless experience.

For the Dubai hospitality industry, getting a consolidated view of the fantastic offerings of the city and equipping them for travel, leisure and business remain a key focus and initiative.

Leveraging the technology innovations and capabilities of SAP, travelers and hospitality group owners alike would see a radical transformation in their overall experience right from the beginning of the journey.

SAP intends to showcase the best of current IOT innovations and innovations in E-commerce space to highlight the key benefits of a consolidated hospitality platform.

With SAP’s IoT platform enabling travelers and hotel administrators to conduct business seamlessly enabled by SAP’s mobile SDK.

The application developed is named ‘IMet’ and will offer consumers an integrated travel, commerce, marketing and wallet integration in addition to providing them full control over their travel needs.

How it works

The Tourist (user) can have a virtual tour of his/her using a VR headset or their phone. The can also avail for in-house cab service. After landing at the hotel they can also have an entire Hotel virtual tour using a VR Headset.

2.   VIRTUAL Building Management

   A GITEX project by SAP Co-Innovation Lab in conjunction with SAP UAE and WASL.

The main objective of this project was to provide service providers, building administrators, banks, and tenants a unified virtual and augmented reality view of a WASL property which will be linked via a smart contract on the SAP blockchain platform.

The blockchain application will be showcased @Gitex showcasing the power of the SAP blockchain application platform using a mobile -IOS applications developed on SAP SCP IOS SDK platform.

How this works

Once a tenant leaves the residence, the 360-degree camera captures the entire building. This gets converted to a virtual view of the home which we can view on a Virtual Reality device such as the Samsung Gear or otherwise.

The issues present in building repair such as paint repairs, leaky taps, electrician repairs etc. can all be viewed in this virtual representation of the house before ‘EOL’ activities.

This also appears as a notification in the WASL EOL mobile application for Mr. Kashif triggering a timeline activity, clock where EOL activity starts and task map appears.

Once the issues are resolved the next tenant is allowed to virtually take a walkthrough of the building and the building is read to occupy.

Our team at GITEX 2017

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